Wool Comforter - Full/Queen / Cool Comfort |
Warm & DreamyOur comforters are nearly magical in their comfort, warmth and coziness. Theyare affordable and comparable in terms of warmth and weight to a high-qualitydown comforter.Choose a comforter that suits your body temperature and the region you live in:Cool Comfort, Perfect Comfort or Extra Warmth, as described below in “Choose ATemperature Weight”.How do I choose the best comforter for me?Most people choose the Perfect Comfort unless they live in a very hot or coldclimate, or if their body tends to run very hot or very cold.All of our wool comforters are soft, known to be lightweight and very cozy. Wehand make each one using organic cotton Sateen fabric. The inside is filled withPremium Eco-Wool™ sourced from our Sustainable Wool Program using west coastU.S.A. wool. Hand stitching the entire perimeter and tufting the middle keepsthe wool in place and enables washing.Wool BattingMade with Premium Eco-Wool™ our famous blend sourced directly from about 20family farms in Oregon & California, USA. It is the nicest wool we have everseen- incredibly clean, dust free and virtually vegetable matter free.Growers participate in our Sustainable Wool Program, managing their flocks in ahumane, chemical-free, and environmentally thoughtful manner. The vast majorityof our products are built with this wool.This is our signature wool blend- it is the cleanest highest-quality woolavailable. Grown and produced with care, this wool batting is chemical-free fromsheep to finish.Made of Premium Eco-Wool™ BattingSourced from USA, West CoastProduced in accordance with our Sustainable Wool ProgramOrganic Cotton Sateen FabricOur organic cotton sateen has almost a liquid softness it. It’s lightweight (4.5oz/sq yd), with an approx. 300 thread count.-Made of 100% certified organic cottonGrown and woven in India4.5 oz. of organic cotton in each yardProduct SpecificationsPremium Eco-Wool™ battingOrganic cotton fabric coverDimensions & Wool
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