No Mama, I Didn't Die:My Life as a Stolen Baby |
Devy Bruch, adopted in the late 1930s from the infamous Tennessee Children's Home Society, has lived a life of both privilege and despair. She searched for her biological family for the first seven decades of her life. In 1937, as an infant, she was stolen from her mother by the infamous Georgia Tann, bundled up, and sold to a wealthy couple from Pennsylvania. In her youth, Devy attended exclusive private schools, spent weekends at the Naval Academy, and experienced a debutante season befitting a fine upbringing. Then, as a young woman, she was plunged into deep despair when her husband left her with four young children and no income. She survived through her inner strength, determination, and spirituality. At the age of seventy-one, Devy made the decision to investigate her adoption and found that she had a sister that destiny had denied her for decades. She learned of the heinous truth of her origins-that of a small, sickly baby stolen from her birth mother and sold for profit during the depression. Now life has brought her full circle to enjoy both her own family and the birth family she finally discovered late in life.
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