Enemy of the Steak:Vegetarian Recipes to Win Friends and Influence Meat-Eaters |
<p>Don't blame vegetarians for starting this. Who said "real food for real people"? Aren't asparagus, carrots, and tomatoes every bit as real as . . . that other food? To answer the call to battle, best-selling authors Nikki and David Goldbeck have created a wonderfully tempting cookbook that offers a wealth of kitchen-tested recipes which nourish the body, please the palate, and satisfy even the heartiest of appetites.</p><p><i>Enemy of the Steak </i>first presents basic information on vegetarian cooking. Then eight great chapters offer over 250 recipes for breakfast fare; appetizers and hors d'oeuvres; soups; salads; entrees; side dishes; sauces, toppings, and marinades; and desserts. A perfect marriage of nutrition and the art of cooking, <i>Enemy of the Steak </i>is for everyone who loves a good healthy meal. Simply put, it's great food for smart people. If you have to take sides, you couldn't be in better company.</p>
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