Pranam |
Prana is a Sanskrit word translating into breath, vital energy, or life force. Yet, its actual meaning goes beyond these descriptions it is really the primary energy of the universe. Prana Trio was established to transfer this universal idea of breath into a format based around musical improvisation. Since 2003, the group has been dedicated to exploring original compositions and improvisations based on the texts of Rumi, Hafiz, Lao Tzu, Kukai, Shankarcarya, Kabir, Issa as well as others. They have toured throughout the United States and Germany and have had the honor of playing with Ran Blake, Frank Carlberg, Dave Fiuczynski, Ben Monder, and Stomu Takeishi. Described as 'beautiful... magical...' by pianist Marilyn Crispell, the trio has released two albums on Circavision Productions: Pranam (2006) and After Dark (2004). Their third album is expected to be released in the winter of 2009. The Trio: Sunny Kim- vocals Stomu Takeishi- basses Brian Adler- drums and cymbals With Special Guests: Frank Carlberg- piano (1,3,7) Jeremy Udden- reeds (2,4) Michael Winograd- clarinet (4) Chris Donohue- tenor saxophone (4)
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