K Tool International QB2 Quick Bonding Adhesive Kit, Two 10ml Bottles Adhesive, With Black And Gray Filling Powders |
<p> Features: < / p><br/>Q Bond adhesive can be used just as an adhesive or with reinforcing powders that allow you to repair almost anything <br/>Black powder to repair bumper grilles, radiators, motorcycle faiirings, electrical switches, door handles, distributor caps and more <br/>Grey aluminum powder repairs cracks on engine casings, computer cases, office equipment, cracked plastics and cracked metals <br/>Resistant to heat and oil <br/>Dries and hardens in 12 seconds <p>< / p><p>Once set and solid, you have the option to grind, file, sand and even paint your repaired object. No need to fret when you break your favorite vase or picture frame: The Q-Bond adhesive kit can help you put the pieces back together.< / p></p></p></p>
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