SIEMENS DEKA Fuel Injector FI-114212 110333 IMPORT FIT 2310cc 225lb EV1 Long Low Z 2.2 Ohms |
Brand new high-performance, genuine Siemens Deka, 225lb, 2310cc fuel injector custom fitted for IMPORT APPLICATIONS. Part number: FI-114212 / 110333 All new Viton O-rings are supplied for installation. This is a Siemens/Deka single-hole disc-type fuel injector. Injector Body Design: Pencil, Metal and composite plastic. Fuel delivery: single-hole disc, with filter. Injector type: Siemens/Deka 110333 - Long EV1 electrical connector. Typical Static Flow Rates: (Flow rates shown using heptane). 220lbs/hr, 2310cc/min, 27.8 g/sec - 43.5 psi (3.0 bar) 240lbs/hr, 2530cc/min - 50.0 psi (3.5 bar) 260lbs/hr, 2725cc/min - 58.0 psi (4.0 bar) Connector type: Minitimer/EV1-Bosch. Fuel delivery: Single-hole disc - Pencil spray 10-15 degrees. 11mmTOP/16mmBOTTOM Viton o-rings/seals. Fuel compatibility: Flex fuels, oxy. gasoline, Ethanol E100, E85. Dimensions: Body Diameter, 20 mm; O-ring to o-ring, 60.5 mm. Length: 3 inches, 74 mm. O-rings: Top and bottom, 11mm/16mm Resistance: 2.2 Ohms. Filter basket on top with a single-hole disc fuel delivery nozzle for superior fuel atomization. (All fuel injector specifications meet or exceed the manufacturer's specification standard).
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