Emp Protection Plans & Options: For Family, Community, Region, and National |
EMP Protection Plans & Options (subtitle: for families, Communities, Regions, and the Nation) do not yet exist for America. Although the Internet is replete with Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) articles, media, videos, etc. and its cataclysmic outcome ares are well known, no national EMP protection plan is yet available. Since the abdication of the Government's EMP fiduciary responsibility of protection plans continue, the EMP Survivalist and Preppers have already prepared for their own limited survival. Limited, because they are without electricity, have post-EMP burned-out electronics, and nearly everything doesn't work. Survival with some degree of recovered lifestyle, greatly increases with (1) EMP preparation group size (circle-the wagon concept) instead of limited to single family with no one else to share loads, costs and survival, (2) long-distance provisioning for vitals replenishments, and (3) protected operational solar rooftops for electricity for lighting, water pumps, fans, communications, etc. The major plan, is orchestrated at state level and executed at county level in two phases. Phase I, two years, is building of eight EMP protected villages in different parts of the country (one or two are constructed with fed funds if location is adjacent to a DoD or DoE field laboratory). A museum and training theater at each location allow visitors from other counties to become knowledgeable and trained. This develops prototypes or templates for regions and nationwide EMP protection, and raises awareness with brochures, planning documents, webinars, seminars and talk shows. Phase II, lasts eight years and implements EMP protection more than for a thousand counties (out of a total 3,142 US counties) utilizing lessons learned during Phase I. Financing is mostly from sale of local county and corporate bonds (no fed subsidies are needed).
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