Rockville 8
<strong>Introducing Rockvilles New YouTube Karaoke System. </strong><p>We all have Phones & iPads/Tablets. Rockvilles new YouTube karaoke system will allow you to use your existing devices to create a powerful and amazing karaoke experience. You simply take all available content from YouTube and play it back on a professional sounding karaoke speaker while interfacing with any of your existing devices to view the words to the songs on a screen of your choice (tablet, laptop, iPhone, etc). It has Bluetooth built in allowing you to wirelessly stream the music from your iPad or Bluetooth phone to the speaker.<br/> Karaoke Made simple: Getting started takes less than 2 minutes!<br/>-Decide which device you would like to use as your karaoke viewing screen (iPad, iPhone, Android, or Laptop)<br/> -Turn on your device, and the speaker and Pair the Two using the Bluetooth Feature. Next go to on your device.<br/> -Type whichever Song name + the word Karaoke you would like to sing into the YouTube Search Field.<br/> -Adjust the volume of the speaker and/or microphones as you see fit.<br/>Now you’re ready to Rock out with Rockville!!!<br/><strong><br/> How we came up with this concept:</strong><br/> In The U.S. Karaoke's Popularity continues to grow. What we did was take an Awesome! Past time and turn it into an Amazing experience entire Families and friends can enjoy! Most karaoke machines on the market are either very expensive, or the cheaper ones do not sound great. They also require you to buy these CD-G discs to get the words onto a TV screen. Using puts almost any song you could Think of at Your F</p>
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