Hi I'm Skinny Sticks, Sweet Potato, 6 Ounce |
<ul><li><strong>All Natural</strong></li><li><strong>With 30% Less Fat</strong></li><li><strong>I'm Super Low In Calories - But Super High In Taste!</strong></li><li><strong>Yay For Being Cleverer Than Regular Chips!</strong></li><li><strong>Vegan - Non-GMO</strong></li></ul><p><strong>Less than 4 Calories per Stick</strong></p><p>Big Bumpy Mini - Sweet Potatoes of all shapes and sizes are packed into these sticks!</p><p><strong>Well aren't you a smart pup for choosing the Hi I'm Skinny Sticks®.</strong></p><p>At Skinny® HQ, the wanted to come up with a snack that's super tasty and convenient as well as being good for you and doesn't make the scales or your skinny jeans a scary thought! So with only 7G Fat per serving, these Grain-Based sticks are perfect for guilt-free snacking!</p><p>No need to fear the weekly weigh-in any more!</p> Free Of GMOs, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, trans fats, cholesterol. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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