Teabloom French Tea Press 34 oz - All Glass Body Tea and Coffee Press - Stainless Steel Filter (Red) |
The Paris French Tea Press is the perfect device to make a small batch of rich coffee or flavorful tea. Tea Connoisseurs and devoted coffee drinkers consider the French Press to be the best way to create their favorite beverage. This method gives you better control over several things that a traditional coffee pot or tea maker can't. With the Paris French Tea Press you control the water temperature and steep time. You also dictate the coffee ground size or the amount of loose tea leaves you add. These factors all play a part in helping you make the perfect cup of coffee or tea every time. Because the tea or coffee interacts directly with the water, instead of pushing through a paper filter or a metal strainer, the essential oils (cafestol) from the coffee, and the healthy antioxidants from the tea leaves can be fully released. With the Tea Press, the direct immersion of coffee grounds or tea leaves deliver a more thorough extraction for a fuller, more complex and better-tasting beverage. But better flavor and healthier drinks aren't the only thing the Paris French Tea Press is capable of. It is also a beautiful addition that will compliment any kitchen's decor. Available in three colors, it will be an appliance you want to leave out for others to see. The all-glass body holds 1 liter and rests on a colorful silicone base that protects surfaces from heat up to 400°F. The base color also matches the colorful plunger top. Inside the stainless steel lid rests the plunger, as well as a secondary filter which enables the user to close the lid to retain heat, or open it to pour your beverage. It is also another barrier between any loose tea leaves or grounds that managed to escape before it reaches your cup.
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