Rockville RWK0CU 0 AWG Gauge 100% Copper Complete Amp Installation Wire Kit OFC |
<p><strong>Videos of RWK0CU:</strong></p><br/><p><strong>Authorized Rockville Dealer!</strong></p><p>We challenge anyone to put this wire to a resistance test against any other wire on the market with the same gauge. If our cable does not meet or exceed any other cable, even if it costs 3 times more, we will be happy to call tag the item and refund you in full. Why are we so confident ? This cable is 100% copper. You cant have a cable with more copper than 100 %. So the only way a cable would out-perform this one is if it were being advertised as a 0 AWG but they are giving you more wire than advertised. No brands selling 100 % copper cables actually do this.</p><p>We guarantee that this kit will compete with the most expensive amp kits on the market from Kicker, JL</p>
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