Tiger Steamer Pan Rice Cooker |
<p>The Tiger 10-Cup Electric Rice Cooker is capable of making a large quantity of food at a time. It comes with a measuring cup and ladle and has for temperature and surround heating technology that ensure that the rice gets cooked evenly and with perfect consistency each time. This non-stick rice cooker has a double-walled design with a lock-in lid that seals in the flavor. Once the rice has been cooked, it switches to the keep-warm mode until it is time to eat. The non-stick interiors of this Tiger rice cooker make it really convenient for you to clean it once the cooking is done. The retractable cord storage of the cooker is a great convenience to keep messy wires out of sight. The exterior of the cooker is white in color and decorated with a floral motif that will add style to your counter space.</p><p><strong>Tiger 10 Cup Electric Rice Cooker:</strong></p><ul><li>Electronic controlled heating produces perfectly cooked rice</li><li>Non-stick rice cooker has a high-quality double walled construction with locking top to seal in flavor</li><li>Special keep-warm heating elements (in the lid and in body) keeps rice warm for up to 12 hours</li><li>Tiger rice cooker includes a measuring cup, spatula, cooking and steaming pans</li><li>10 cups dry rice capacity</li></ul>
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