International Mulch NuPlay 75 cu ft. Rubber Mulch Nuggets - Black |
<p>NuPlay Rubber Mulch Nuggets are the perfect loose-fill nugget groundcover for playgrounds and landscaping applications. Our nugget mulch is made from 100% recycled rubber, and simply put, is the safest playground surface on the market today with fall height ratings up to 17 feet. With a 12-year color guarantee your children will stay safe, and your yard will look great for years to come. </p><b>Features</b><ul><li>Provides a soft surface to help keep children safe on the playground</li><li>Creates a pliable, resilient surface to help reduce the stress on joints and bones</li><li>99.9% wire free</li><li>Exceeds standards set by the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission</li><li>IMC's most affordable rubber mulch groundcover for playgrounds and paths</li><li>Maintains beauty even after years of exposure to the elements</li><li>Made from non-toxic, environmentally-friendly materials approved by the EPA and Northwest Laboratories of Seattle, Inc.</li><li>Inhibits growth of molds and fungi, reducing allergy risk</li><li>Five times heavier than wood mulches, this rubber mulch will not float, absorb water or erode during heavy rain and flooding</li><li>Does not attract termites, carpenter ants or other harmful insects</li><li>Color - Black.</li></ul>
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