Millennium Loc-On Lite Hang-On Treestand M-100U |
<p>The Millennium Loc-On Lite Hang-On Tree Stand is an essential piece of gear for hunters and wildlife watchers, giving them a comfortable vantage point. It is an updated version of the M100 and it's 20 percent lighter, making it easy to carry while you're on the way through the forest. It is also easy to set up quietly and without startling local wildlife. It is made of aluminum so it is supportive, sturdy and durable. It is comfortable to sit in even for long periods and it folds against the tree so you can make standing shots. It folds flat for easy transport while backpacking. The full-body harness of this folding tree stand is certified to TMA standards and holds you securely in place.</p><p><strong>Millennium Loc-On Lite Hang-On Tree Stand:</strong></p><ul><li>Light and comfortable</li><li>Made of aluminum</li><li>Quiet and easy setup</li><li>Seat folds against tree for standing shots</li><li>Aluminum tree stand folds flat for backpacking</li><li>Full-body harness certified to TMA standards</li></ul>
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