Eagle Claw Bass Assortment Hook, 67 Piece 814065 EAGLE CLAW |
Eagle Claw Bass Worm Hook Assortment (618H)<br/>Features:<br/>- Great value of hooks for Bass fishing.<br/>- Contains 67 Pieces<br/>- Made in USA <br/>Specifications:<br/>- 1 pack of 67 hooks<br/>- Finish: Assorted<br/>- Contains: Contains: 67 Hooks, Kahle, Weedless, Worm, Plain Shank<br/>- Size: 1-3/0<br/>- Brand: Eagle Claw<br/>- Part Number: 618H<br/>- Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate<br/>- Type of Water: Freshwater<br/>- Fish Species: Bass<br/>1 Pack of Hooks / Total Quantity 67 Pieces
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