VUZ Moto Dry Saddlebags 2pcs | 100% Waterproof Motorcycle Luggage | 24L Each |
<b>VUZ Moto, based out of Chico, CA, is dedicated to the moto enthusiast with a taste of adventure, classic style, and appreciation for quality products at an affordable cost.</b> All products are thoroughly inspected for manufacturing excellence and professionally tested in the field to function in both urban and adventure environments. Be self-assured that equipped with your VUZ Moto product you will be ready to tackle any road that lies ahead.<br/><b>The VUZ Dry Saddlebags are perfect for any riding condition and attach to most any adventure and dual sport bikes, including classic and modern scramblers with a high exhaust.</b><br/><b>INCLUDED:</b><br/><ul><li>Dual (24L each) Dry Saddlebags with neoprene heat shields for added safety and durability.</li><li>Velcro straps connect the bags and allow for quick release.</li><li>4 compression straps on each bag to keep the goods inside compact and secure while riding.</li><li>2 adjustable nylon straps / bag attach to the bike or rack and clip-into the bags to fasten.</li><li>Bonus Scrambler Straps allow for the attachment of a single 24L bag.</li><li>Reflective strips on the rear of each bag provide increased visibility and safety.</li><li>DIMENSIONS: 15 x 12 x 4.5 inches (roll top adjusts up to 19”) -- 4lbs.</li></ul><br/><b>BENEFITS:</b><br/><ul><li>Durable and Waterproof construction functions in adverse climates and all riding conditions.</li><li>Classic Style -- stealth black and simple design looks great on any bike both on the trails and in the city!</li><li>Mounts to most bikes. Adjustable straps are flexible and adapt to various mounting points.</li><li>UNIQUE SINGLE BAG OPTION -- Scrambler Straps attach to one side of the bike and simulate the counterweight needed to attach the velcro straps over the top.</li></ul>
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