Tamarack TTi-HV100050 R50 Insulated Whole House Fan - 1 Speed |
<p>By pulling heat out of your home with the Tamarack R50 Whole House Fan, cooler outside air is drawn into the home. The heated air is then pushed out of your home through the attic vents. With a Tamarack Attic Fan - not only will you be more comfortable - but you will save money on your air conditioning bills.</p><b>Features</b><ul><li>Easy installation - No joist cutting necessary</li><li>No maintenance</li><li>Mechanically sealed doors insulated to R50</li><li>Fits 16 or 24 in. on center joists</li><li>Optional insulation barrier and remote control (not included)</li><li>R50 Insulated Whole House Fan.</li><li>Doors seal tight when not in use.</li><li>1-speed - 1000 cfm.</li><li>Hard wired for power and customer supplied control.</li><li>Includes interior ceiling grille.</li><li>Dimension - 34 x 11 x 22 in.</li><li>Item Weight - 31 lbs.</li></ul>
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