Show Me a Nigger and I'll Show You a Racist:The Mind of a Psychopathic Genius |
History has been taught through illusions in order to divide and establish power. These constant illusions force the Psychopathic Genius to develop a stream of consciousness that evokes a maladaptive schizophrenic disposition. In this schizophrenic state, the Psychopathic Genius manifests recurring illusions that were once used to control as a means of controlling. As the story progresses, these illusions become so cliche that it forces the Psychopathic Genius to rebuke societal doctrine. This epic doesn't evolve, instead, it shows the continual war that we all fight: Protagonist vs. Antagonist, God vs. Satan, Adam vs. Eve, Rich vs. Poor, Old vs. New, Parent vs. Child, Black vs. White, Right vs. Wrong, Morality vs. Judgment, Society vs. Individual, Master vs. Slave and most pertinent to the Psychopathic Genius: Nigger vs. Racist. Step inside the lost paradise of a Brave New World. This book is rated PG: Psychopathic Genius... Vanity is the only sanity.
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