TopQPS Fidget Cube - Relieves Anxiety For Children And Adults - Stress Reliever |
Inspired by the Original, The TopQPS Cube's 6 Faces will Help You Calm Your Nerves. The Soft Rubbery Exterior Comes in Handy in the First Face, which Consists of an Indentation Designed to Rub your Finger as hard as you Want. The Second Face Has a Switch that Pivots Back and Forth Loudly for a Satisfying Audible Click. The Third Face Simulates a Game Console Joystick, that Allows you to Press Down, and Move in Any Direction You Like. The Fourth Face Simulates That Pen you are Always Pushing Times 5, with The Second Audible Stimuli in The Cube. The Fifth Face Resembles Consists of a Small Rolling Ball and Three Clicking Circular Switches for our Third Audible Stimuli, and A Small Metal Ball That Resembles the Feel And Motion of Traditional Worry Stones. Finally the Sixth and Last Face is Made Up of a Small Plastic Plate that Turns with a Little Effort, it is not For The Weak Thumbs That is For Sure. The TopQPS Fidget Cube is Sure to Satisfy your Tactile and Audible Stimuli Needs, and We Stand By our Customer Satisfaction Promise.
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