Corefit Self Moldable Custom Orthotics (Podiatrist Grade) - Fight Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, Heel & Arch Pain. Sports & Dress Shoe Inserts |
"I've used your heat moldable orthotic inserts for 25 years of practice. They're durable, relatively inexpensive and have been an excellent over-the-counter supportive device." Dr. Michael O'Toole, DPM | Non-prescription insoles (Dr. Scholls, Good Feet) and custom insoles made from a do-it-yourself mold of a patient's feet can cost from $100-$300 without insurance, according to The price for custom moldable orthotics run from $400 to $500 on average. Podiatrist Approved Since 1932, Corefit® Custom Moldable Inserts can be purchased for just a fraction of that & feature a design that rivals that of custom-made prescription orthotics. Handcrafted from a proprietary compound, our moldable orthotics affordably relieve plantar fasciitis, heel spur and arch discomfort while encouraging proper posture. Our inserts cradle the heel, arch, instep and metatarsal joints while at the same time preventing heel roll. Corefit Orthotics. Not Gel. Not Foam. Just Effective.®
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