Gingher Knife Edge Trimmer 8
<p>These Gingher Knife Edge Trimmer 8" Shears provide a smooth cut, and have a sleek, hot drop forged style that is comfortable to use for long periods of time. These left-handed shears are fully chrome-plated, offering durability you can rely on. They can cut multiple layers of fabric, making your projects simpler to do. Gingher Shears have a bent handle construction that conforms to your hand, providing comfort for the thumbs and fingers. They are even equipped with a screw and lock nut assembly that will allow you to adjust the tension easily. They come in a fitted tin so you can store them when they are not in use.</p><p><b>Gingher Knife Edge Trimmer 8" Shears, Left Handed:</b></p><ul><li>Hot drop forged</li><li>Fully chrome-plated</li><li>Easily cut multiple layers of fabric</li><li>Bent handle design allows for comfortable hand positioning on the tabletops and other flat surfaces.</li><li>Left-handed shears have contoured handles to provide extra comfort for thumbs and fingers</li><li>Equipped with screw and lock nut assembly which allows for easy tension adjusting</li><li>Packaged in silver tin with molded plastic fitted to the scissors profile</li></ul>
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