12 in. Cutoff Machine Kit |
<p> With a 15 amp motor, large 12 in. wheel capacity, reversible wraparound side handle and an adjustable-depth foot plate, this Bosch cutoff machine combines power and performance to complete tough tasks. Heavy-duty jobs demand a relentless tool, so rely on this cutting instrument to rip through concrete and metal undeterred while dust, sparks and debris are ejected through the wheel guard away from the operator. Complete with a sturdy steel carrying case and two blades, this machine comes ready to go and will soon become your favorite tool with a pulsating speed of 5000 RPM.</p><ul><li>Includes:(1) 12 in. cutoff machine,(1) side handle,(1) carrying case,(1) outside flange,(1) inside flange,(1) adjustable foot plate,(2) Allen wrenches,(2) cutoff wheels (metal and concrete),(1) 7/8 in. arbor locking nut and (1) 1 in. arbor locking nut</li><li>Default fire-forward position is reversible</li><li>Direct-current compatibility allows tool to be powered from generator or welder outlets</li><li>Tool stops automatically via Service-Minder Brushes to warn of maintenance needs</li><li>Armature windings prohibit dust and debris from compromising motor</li><li>Maximum cut depth: 3-7/8 in.</li><li>1-year limited warranty</li><li>Large footplate, improves stability and allows greater depth of cut, smooth on both sides for guiding</li><li>Double insulated, UL listed, complies to OSHA</li><li>Reversible fire position, tool comes set up in fire forward position, but is easily changed to fire reverse position without additional accessories</li></ul>
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