Advantis Tech 71020A GLB Stain Magnet Pool Stain Controller 2.5 Lbs. |
<b>Features</b><ul><li>Apply Stain Magnet concentrated granular to quickly remove metallic stains.</li><li>Follow treatment with GLB's powerful Sequa-Sol to prevent future staining.</li><li>Easy to apply granular quickly eliminates metallic stains without draining</li><li>No pre-testing required, no clouding of water, can be applied directly on stubborn stains</li><li>Dosage of stain magnet recommended per 20, 000-gallon of water</li><li>No draining or pre-testing necessary</li><li>The fast and easy way to rid your pool of metallic stains</li><li>Stain Magnet Eliminates metal stains.</li><li>Safe for all types of pool surfaces.</li><li>Capacity - 2.5 lbs.</li><li>Dimension - 3 x 3 x 10 in.</li></ul>
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