TCD iPad 2 3 4 Light Foam Weight Shock Proof Handle Case Kids Friendly |
<p><p> TCD Cases <strong>New </strong><strong> iPad 2 3 4 Light Weight Childrens High Impact Shockproof Kickstand Case </strong> provides maximum support and protection for your childs device. </p><p> This case will fit iPads with one of the following model numbers: </p><p><strong>A1395, A1396, A1397, A1395, A1416, A1430, A1403, A1458, </strong><strong>A1459, A1460</strong></p><p> -Designed specifically with children in mind, this thick, sturdy iPad case is made from the same material that sneaker soles are made from </p><p> -Fully covered, thick corners secure your iPad in place while creating a SHOCKPROOF environment </p><p> -Durable, sturdy kickstand to provide your child with a hands-free display to enjoy a movie or a game! </p><p> - Precisely cut opening around every feature of the device </p><p> -Brand New TCD Case </p><p> -Free Screen Protector </p><p> -Free Stylus (colors & styles may vary)</p><p><strong> Please remember to take the black plastic insert out of the case before use this is a placeholder to keep the shape before your place your product in it. </strong></p></p>
See this content immediately after install