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<h3><b>K1S - 1080p Dual Car Dash Camera with GPS Logger</b></h3><b>About:</b><p>Simply put, the K1S - 1080p Dual Car Dash Camera with GPS Logger is one of the best dual dash cameras on the market today. It records full 1080p HD video on two separate cameras, one for your back windshield and one for the front. When it comes to accident surveillance, you’re just as likely to get rear-ended as you are to hit something with the front of your car. Stay completely protected on the road with the K1S - 1080p Dual Car Dash Camera with GPS Logger.</p><p>Setting up the device is easy and straightforward. Start by attaching the cameras to your front and back windshield using the included sticker mounts. Then, connect the cameras to the separate LCD screen using the included wires. Finally, plug the LCD screen directly into your car’s 12V outlet and you can watch footage from both cameras in real time, either one at a time or using the split-screen mode.</p><p>If you don’t feel the need to monitor your footage while you’re in the car, just tuck the LCD screen away somewhere nearby. The device comes with a remote control button that lets you control both cameras at the same time without taking your eyes off the road. One push and you can quickly start and stop the recording process or lock the footage in place on the memory card, protecting it from the overwrite feature.</p><p>The K1S - 1080p Dual Car Dash Camera with GPS Logger was designed for covert vehicle surveillance. Both of the cameras measure just 1.4 inches, making them easy to hide. The entire device features a black sleek appearance that blends in easily with the rest of your vehicle. If an accident were to occur, you can record the entire incident without bringing attention to yourself.</p><b>SPECIFICATIONS</b><ul><li>Chipset: Ambarella A7LA70</li><li>Ambarella 528MHz A7LA70 chipset</li><li>1/2.7" Omnivision sensor</li><li>Lens: 6GIR F/2.4 angle 140°</li><li>LCD: 2.7" 16:9 HD 960x240 LCD</li></ul>
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