Antennas Direct C5 Clearstream 5 Uhf/vhf Dtv Antenna |
The Antennas Direct C5 ClearStream 5 Extreme Range UHF-VHF TV Antenna receives free over-the-air digital and HD programming with no monthly cable or satellite fees. Featuring the stunningly efficient, compact engineering of the ClearStream family, the ClearStream 5 is targeted specifically for the high VHF band. This Clearstream antenna with signal combiner is superior to existing combination antennas for receiving VHF DTV transmissions and offering good directivity. The advanced design allows up to 98 percent of the available broadcast signal to actually reach the incoming antenna cable rather than being lost to impedance mismatches. Intended to complement existing UHF antennas, this DTV antenna includes a low loss UHF/VHF signal combiner. With 24 percent of American DTV stations moving to a high VHF assignment there exists a need for high VHF antenna that is compact yet powerful.
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